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Published on March 2024

5 Best Study Programs Available in New Zealand for International Students

With a beautiful atmosphere, wonderful culture, peace, safety, and academic excellence; New Zealand stands as one of the top study abroad destinations for international students. The advantages of studying in New Zealand are not limited to a few, you can read the various benefits of studying in New Zealand in detail here. Talking about the study programs in New Zealand, there are plenty of options you can choose from! Anywhere from an undergraduate degree to doing a PhD, New Zealand never fails with its excellence in different fields of study.

With a variety of disciplines to choose from, we have broken down the article to the most preferred or popular study disciplines in the Kiwi Country. If you are planning to study abroad in New Zealand, then read on to find more information.

Artificial Intelligence

Learning AI can make it easier for you to see how goods and services offered by technology can make our lives better. If you decide to follow this subject, there are certainly many job opportunities with good pay scales. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionising our way of life, work, and communication, it is becoming more and more crucial to understand. Big data is being collected by organisations worldwide, and artificial intelligence (AI) helps us make sense of it all.

Learning artificial intelligence (AI) has many potential benefits. At this point in its development, AI is not only important to the computer and tech sectors; but also has a significant impact on other sectors that affect us on a daily basis, including banking, healthcare, cars, and finance.

It is a wise choice to study AI in New Zealand, as Kiwi universities are renowned worldwide for their skilled instructors, extensive resources, and innovative teaching methods. A degree in artificial intelligence can lead to numerous opportunities. A career in software engineering, software development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, R&D, or data science is possible with this degree. You might as well have a good opportunity at the many AI-based companies like Weta Digital, FaceMe, Dexibit, Soul Machines, Performance Lab, Imagr, Text Ferret, Xtracta, Ohmio Automation, and many more as the tech industry in New Zealand is booming by the day.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is one of the most globally recognized degrees and the most versatile option for achieving success in the corporate world since it provides an ideal balance between theoretical knowledge and practical abilities. Compared to other nations, New Zealand is a very affordable country to do an MBA. NZ universities have smart classrooms and regular seminars to help you improve your communication and presentation skills.

MBA courses equip students with a fundamental understanding of business principles, entrepreneurship, finances, marketing, and leadership paving the way for successful jobs in the industry or their own business endeavours. According to statistics, the average salary in NZ for a student with an MBA degree can be as high as approximately NZ$ 1,00,000.

New Zealand has some of the best universities for doing MBA. Furthermore, international exchange is an option offered by several MBA programs in NZ. This makes room for additional elective options. It might let you pick one from a greater variety of internationally recognized business schools.

Master of Science (MS)

Almost a dozen of the world's top MS universities are located in NZ, which draws new international students each year. Working directly with scholars who are influential in their field will not only be a great chance provided by the program but also a highlight on your CV.

The majority of universities, colleges, and graduate institutions around the world award the Master of Science (M.Sc./M.S.) degree as a postgraduate degree. Mostly the classes are technical and highlight the development of analytical and problem-solving abilities through scientific research and lab work. Applying to a Master of Science program does not need a Bachelor of Science; nevertheless, you must already hold an undergraduate degree in a comparable field.

Generally, an M.Sc. degree requires 1-2 years of study. However, depending on your area of specialisation, certain Master's programs in computer science and engineering can take 3-5 years to complete, and some Master's programs in medicine can take up to 6 years.

Depending on what interests you, a taught master's program or a research master's degree are available. A research master's will hone your research skills, whilst a taught master's will provide you with specialised training in the topic of your choice.

Medicine, Healthcare, and Nursing

NZ offers many medical degree programs, including community health, medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and medical laboratory sciences. Health sciences is a typical program that allows students to work in community clinics, private practices, hospitals, academics, and research institutions, etc. It is a massive global sector with lots of job openings for graduates and postgraduates.

Chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, and public health are among the subjects typically covered in the curriculum. You can apply to professional courses including MBBS.

New Zealand's healthcare system is rated as one of the best in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO). Students can gain significant insight into industry best practices and gain knowledge from professionals in the field., pharmacist, physiotherapist, dentist, and medical laboratory science during this program.

With a growing need for qualified healthcare workers, the job environment in New Zealand is typically favourable for healthcare professionals. To fulfil the rising healthcare needs of its people, New Zealand also seeks out foreign healthcare specialists. Additionally, there might be more options for you to work in rural or regional locations where there might be a greater need for healthcare services.

Hotel Management

Being one of the tourist destinations with the fastest growth, New Zealand is an ideal spot to pursue a career in hotel management. Universities in New Zealand specialise in teaching hotel management, and the majority of them run hotels to provide students with ideal on-the-job training. In addition, the cost of the course is low compared to that in the UK and the USA.

There are several hospitality-related courses available in New Zealand, including those in cuisine and patisserie, food and beverage service, culinary excellence, barista training, liquor licence controller, hotel reception, pottering, concierge, etc., if you wish to pursue a career in hotel management.

There are more and more career prospects in the hotel sector. Professionals are in demand for hotel management due to a number of aspects like skill development, work-life balance, international exposure, and financial stability.

There are numerous other study options as well for you if you want to study in New Zealand. Finding the right course needs some research but we can help you with that. We are reliable overseas study abroad consultants in Kochi, Kerala who provide free consultation so that you can understand how to move forward with which university, subject, city, etc.