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A major change has been brought in by the Nursing Council of New Zealand for nursing registrations internationally as well as domestically. The new assessment aims to prove the nurse’s competence and fitness to practise nursing.

The new exam will now have two parts to be completed

  • Pearson VUE Online theoretical exam
  • Clinical competence assessment (OSCE+OPC)

Once the candidate passes the online theoretical exam, they can go for the Clinical competence assessment which includes:

  1. A 2 day orientation and preparation course (OPC)
  2. An Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

Both of these will be held at Nurse Maude Simulation and Assessment Centre (NMSAC), Christchurch, New Zealand.


OPC is meant to create awareness of characteristics of nursing practices in New Zealand. This course will

  • Make you familiar with clinical equipment and the format of OSCE
  • Give an overview of health system in New Zealand & legal requirements for working as a nurse in NZ
  • Provide awareness of unique aspects of nursing practices in NZ like cultural safety, tikanga, whānau-centred care, etc
  • Enhance your communication skills and escalate nursing issues effectively


OSCE exam for nurses is a form of competence assessment for registration of internationally qualified nurses in various countries like New Zealand, Canada, UK, and Australia. OSCE tests your practical skills to ensure you are capable of practising in New Zealand with safe competent care.

The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE):

  • Relates to best practices in New Zealand
  • is set at the entry-level of a registered nurse's career
  • Never assesses specialised or advanced skills
  • Evaluates your ability to use your nursing knowledge and abilities in a simulated clinical setting.

OSCE is a regulatory assessment and candidates won't be given coaching, feedback or explanations after or during the exam. Candidates are required to demonstrate their practical skills rather than verbal explanations.

OSCE stations

There will be 10 stations with different scenarios and you will be required to complete all these stations. Every station will represent nursing practices in NZ.

  1. Mental health assessment
  2. Physiological assessment
  3. Specific physiological assessment
  4. Professional responsibility
  5. Emergency management
  6. Clinical skills
  7. Medication administration
  8. Communication and teamwork
  9. Planning nursing care
  10. Managing the deteriorating patient

You get 12 minutes for each station, divided into 2+8+2. 2 minutes for preparation, 8 for scenarios and 2 minutes for transition to the next station. Your nursing skills and practical abilities will be assessed in this. Some of the skills that will be assessed are:

  • Proper clinical concern escalation
  • Clinical documentation
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Cultural safety
  • Clinical skills
  • Infection control practices
  • Managing a patient in distress
  • Nursing assessment
  • Safe medication administration, etc

Tutel Academy has now begun classes for the IQN exam training. In addition, our EXCLUSIVE OSCE training will begin soon too. We will have all the settings and stations for the practical part too!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given a total of 3 attempts to pass the OSCE exam within an 18 months time frame.

Yes, it is mandatory to pass the OSCE exam to practise as a nurse in New Zealand.

With a little bit of training you can pass the OSCE exam. We provide exclusive New zealand nursing OSCE training in India and abroad.

No, you must attend the OPC to get a general understanding of nursing practices in New Zealand.

OSCE - Nurse Maude Simulation and Assessment Centre (NMSAC)

OPC - University of Canterbury

Both of these are located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

OSCE will seem a bit difficult for first timers. However, with OSCE exam training you can crack the clinical test easily.

Yes, Tutel New Zealand provides you exclusive OSCE training as well as IQN training.

Yes, you can reschedule your exam date. However, there are some criterias to be followed.

Yes, it is mandatory to attend all ten stations for assessment

No, you can’t! Once you hear the final beep sound, you must immediately transit to the next station.