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UK / Ireland Australia Nursing Registration

UK was one of the most preferred destinations for nurses who were looking for a nursing job due to the fact the processing time and processing fee were considerably lower than other countries. However, as the years passed, the cost of living increased, climate changes became unpleasant, and in addition getting a PR in the country became hard. This gave rise to the idea among UK/Ireland nurses to opt for New Zealand instead. The perks of working as a nurse in New Zealand are that the country announced a 14% massive pay rise in addition to benefiting from straight to residency.

If you are an internationally certified nurse planning for Ireland to Australia nursing registration or UK to Australia nursing registration through to NZ then Tutel New Zealand is here to make it possible for you with our easy processing procedures. Furthermore, we can connect with employers in New Zealand for getting you the right job opportunity you ever wanted.

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Discover Nursing openings in Australia with Tutel

Discover Nursing openings in Australia with Tutel

Have you been considering a long-term contract in Australia to improve your profession or your life? You can easily transfer your registration to Australia nursing registration if you currently have a New Zealand nursing or midwifery license. To accomplish this, we will assist you with the Australian registration procedure. Visit the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia website to download the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition application.

According to the Mutual Recognition Act of 1992 and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act of 2003, your application will be given "deemed" registration as of the date it is received. This indicates that you may practice nursing if your application and fees are accurate. Depending on the state board, the considered registration time could last anywhere from 10 working days to 3 months. The board may conduct a background investigation during this period and decide whether to approve or disapprove your complete registration. You will receive complete registration following the specified period.

Australian Nursing Registration for New Zealand Nurses

New Zealand, you must first apply for and be registered as a nurse before you can just endorse it for Australia. Below are some requirements for the same:

Australian Nursing Registration
  • A Bachelor of Nursing degree
  • 2 identity cards; preferably your international passport and a government issued ID card.
  • IELTS/OET score
  • At least two years of work experience in the past 5 years.

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