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Tutel is a New Zealand Registered company,which is a dream come true project of the founder of this company since 2009.From a decade we can see thousands of people focusing on settling their future in overseas countries, buthas to face a longtime wait in the entire process and go through a lot of hindrances. Even we, happened to be a part of New Zealandby conquering all these hurdles. But there was always a question, why can’t there be an easy path directly for study or employment in thesecountries. Throughseveral researches we found that there are options to apply directly but time consuming & long process wherewe may get lost.I started my quest to find out adirect way,less time consuming low cost and trust worthy system to fulfill the dreams of everybody who would like to explore their lifetime in other countries. Thus after a lot of hard work and great team effort Tutel New Zealand was born .

Currently we are only focusing in New Zealand but in near future will spread globally. Our company promotes a direct proper channel which always promises a non-hidden, transparent view on each step by step process led to great Success.

About New Zealand

New Zealand or (Aotearoa –Land of long white cloud ) New Zealand is an Island country in the south western pacific ocean , which is made up to main island masses and more than 700 smaller islands .New Zealand was one of the last countries to be found and settled on earth . New Zealand is the world’s fifth and is rated in the international surveys as one of the world’s most peaceful, least corrupt countries.